Friday, 5 September 2014

How To Fix A Slow Smartphone — For Real

This is a quick tip post to help you fix an android phone which is running slow. Now I’ve got a good smartphone (an LG-P999), but run a lot of applications on it.  Even though I put most of the apps on the SD Card, my android phone still runs slow. So I tried about 10 apps in the Google Play Store to fix the problem but they didn’t help all that much. Then I figured out how to manually clean up the data in my phone and it fixed the problem!

Clear Your Application Data

To stop your phone from running slow go to: Manage Apps »> Downloaded »> Sort By Size then click on the top app and you’ll see this:
2013-02-17 10.26.30
What you want to do is click the Clear Data button.  If you just click Clear Cache there will still be a lot of data still on the app to slow down your phone. Do this for all your apps that are 1MB or more in size.
Heads-up: Before you use the Clear Data option make sure you back up any data you might need. You’ll also have to login again to your apps. Finally, doing this with Gmail will erase your email signature.
If you use your phone a lot do this about every 3 – 5 days. For me, I just know when the phone is running slowing it’s time to dump data. After you do this you may even see your phones internet speed pick up. What’s really happening is your phone is processing things faster.

Move Data To SD Card

To improve your phone’s performance even more move as many apps as possible to your SD Card. The SD Card has more memory than your phone’s internal memory. Plus, freeing up internal memory on your phone allows the processor to work faster.  Just click the Move to SD Card button which is located in the same location you were at for removing application data.
Lastly, you should reboot your phone after completing these two tasks. For optimal performance you should reboot your phone every day.
Please let me know if these tips helped speed up your phone by leaving comments below. Thanks.


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