Friday, 5 September 2014

5 Ways To Speed Up Your Smartphone

How many times did you use your smartphone today? 50, 75, more? We do everything on them: Text, Chat, Take Pics, Web Search, Video Chat, and more. So why do you tolerate the dreaded ”hang” or “freeze” all the time? These 5 tips will clean up your phone, and optimize it for the most power.
1. Install A System Optimizer
Download Easy Cache Cleaner at Google Play
This android system tool cleaner makes an easy job of maintaining only useful application cache files. By using the Easy Cache Cleaner, your smart phone will increase its performance by saving more disk space. The 5 star rating of this app has a lot to do with its great features: one-click system cache, fast scan speed, and other helpful menu items.
The best feature of this app is that you can manually kill tasks on your phone to free up memory. It also prolongs your smartphone’s battery life by killing apps you aren’t actively using. With its user-friendly notification bar this app is super easy to manage.

download Cleanmaster in the Google Play Store
This smartphone system tool cleaner boosts your phone’s performance by cleaning your cache, residual files, and app packages.  It also kills running tasks and releases RAM to boost your phone and save battery life. I personally like this app as it really increased my phone’s performance.

2.  Update your Smart Phone OS
Updating your phone’s OS regularly does a world of good in optimizing performance. Just go to the Menu Section, click Settings, select the About Phone option, click System Updates, and then click Install Now. Voila! Your smart phone will now download an updated version of your OS to increase productivity.
3. Review Your Active Widgets
A lot of smartphone users get addicted to a variety of widgets and tend to install too many of them. The problem with this is widgets make your phone perform slower than they would normally. Widgets that regularly receive information changes, like weather widgets, really slow down your phone’s performance, and drain your battery. So take stock in your widgets and uninstall the ones you don’t use on a regular basis.
weather widget

4. Erase Unnecessary, Unwanted, and Unused Apps.
Although a lot of our activities on smartphones rely on many different apps, remember that they have a fixed memory. So compiling apps that aren’t very important is going to slow down your smartphone’s performance. Make a regular practice of cleaning up your smart phone contents to keep your phone in good working condition.
 5. Root Your Smart Phone
rootingThis option is a bit technical, but it can do wonders to your smartphone. By rooting your Smartphone, you can delete previously installed applications that are both unused and unwanted. Also, after rooting your device, you can install a custom ROM which acts as a new android to your smartphone. Note: installing a custom ROM can potentially do damage to your device if it has missing features that are essential to the system.

To learn more about smartphone rooting visit the forum You can also read detailed instructions on how to root your smartphone by brand by doing a search at
Have you rooted your phone? Do you have a favorite system tools app? Please share your thoughts with us.


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